parent + me

As new parents it is normal to have lots of questions. Our infant and child development experts cover ALL the big topics. And our inclusive, compassionate and evidence-based program is for you to learn about your infant’s development and get support as a new parent.

We also understand that there are many different approaches, philosophies, and ways to do things when it comes to parenting. We will provide research-based curriculum, but want you to trust your gut. There is no single right way to parent!


an infant and child development expert to answer all of your questions

a new topic each week with research-based handouts

support from the same group of parents you see every week

link to songs for that series

recommended list of developmentally appropriate toys and books

What happens in class?

Song time, open questions, dedicated topic about baby development, parent check-ins, community when you need it most

The basics

The series are 8-weeks long and each class is 90 minutes. The fee for a series is $384. Session you want to join already started or sold out? Email us for more information.


safety, tummy time, sleep, cognitive surge, identity and parenthood transitions including back to work, teething, food series, sleep series (so much sleep support), attachment, temperament, speech and language development series, babyproofing, screen time, limit setting series, evolving parenthood, preschool, finger foods, praise, independent exploration, transitioning to a cup, gender, sexuality and safety, pre-tantrums


What if I miss a class?
You will still get the handout and are welcome to ask questions the following week during open discussion. Also, often a parent in the class will call a parent not in attendance if they would still like to hear the topic.

Can I eat during class or feed my baby?
Yes, the answer to that is always yes. You can take care of yourself and your baby right in class.

What if I am late to class or need to leave early?
Still join! We love seeing you for however long you can make it.

Can both parents attend?
Registration covers one parent.  Occasional guests are welcome at most classes. Prior notice is needed to ensure adequate space. Caregivers can alternate weeks.

Can I join a later series if I did not attend the one before?
Yes!  You do not have to attend the prior series. We often have parents join later series!

what people are saying

“There’s no manual for becoming a parent or raising a child…but this is as close as it gets! It’s the parenting class you need – from explaining the mystery of naps and preparing for limit setting to talking the highs and lows of parenting, Parent & Me is a judgement-free, compassionate, warm and evidence-based space to learn about your baby and help them grow.”

Sarah, New York

“None of us have time to read all the parenting books and do all the research. Life is chaos once the baby arrives so I highly recommend joining this class! Not only will you learn SO much, but you will gain a community you didn’t know you needed. It’s like a big virtual hug and check in every week for you and your baby. It’s the best.”

Ariella, Long Beach

“Even though I live in SF, I am so glad that my mommy friend in LA recommended me to join. I love learning new songs and preparing for upcoming challenges or milestones. 2020 has been a hard year, but this program gave me an avenue to connect with other parents who are also going through the same challenges I am.”

Dorothy, San Francisco

“Kim-Lan was so reassuring, offered so much sage advice, and generally made us all feel like we were not sucking at this parenthood thing as much as we sometimes felt we were.”

Melissa, Los Angeles