Covid-19 Policies and Procedures
The Latest from The Family Room 2020-07-09T12:03:37-07:00

The Latest from The Family Room


The Family Room is excited to begin offering a limited schedule of in-person classes again. We’ve missed you and appreciate all of your support over the past several months.

We are aware of the risks still present from Covid-19 and have spent a great deal of time consulting with public health experts and re-imagining our physical space to ensure that the safety of our educators and our community is the guiding principle of every decision we make. We will continue to evaluate and assess our schedule and our policies to ensure that our classes are structured in a way that helps mitigate the risk of exposure, without diminishing the education + community that you know and love.

We have implemented the following policies to guide our return to in-person classes:

  • We are offering a limited schedule of in-person classes to allow more time for cleaning and disinfecting our supplies and space.
  • Parents will need to bring their own toys to class. For some classes, we will have a dedicated basket of toys/supplies for each child that is cleaned and disinfected after use.
  • Our class sizes will be smaller!
    • Prenatal classes will be limited to 4 couples.
    • All other classes will be limited to 6 children/6 adults.
  • Weather permitting, classes will be held outside in our outdoor space. (San Marino only).
  • All adults must wear masks during class.
  • We will take the temperature of every adult and child prior to class.
  • Social distancing is in full effect. Maintain a 6-foot distance from others.
  • Adults are asked to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer upon arrival at class.

Both our San Marino and Toluca Lake indoor spaces have been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected in accordance with CDC and public health guidelines. When we do re-open the doors to these indoor physical spaces, you can feel confident that:

  • Consistent & frequent cleaning: All toys and high touch shared spaces such as doorknobs, countertops, etc. are consistently and frequently sanitized and disinfected – after every use and every class – using EPA-registered disinfectants recommended for use to reduce the risk of coronavirus
  • Physical distance guidelines: We have set up “boundaries” to guide parents in helping their active littles have fun, while also remaining physically distant from their friends.
  • Air Flow: Doors and windows will be left open when possible and air purifiers with HEPA filters will be used indoors.

We will examine and adjust our schedule and our policies in response to the evolution of the pandemic and will keep you posted if things change.

Please note, we will be implementing a temporary Covid-19 Wellness Fee to purchases to account for the increased due diligence to keep our spaces clean, as well as the reduced class sizes. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Ultimately, the decision to return to an in-person class or continue virtually is a personal decision, and we understand that everyone has different levels of comfort. We encourage all of our families to take personal responsibility for their own actions and consider the health of our larger community. We will be here for you when you are ready.

Please contact us with any questions! We are happy to help however we can and work with you to find solutions during this time.