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Preschool Prep + Parent Education 2021-02-01T11:54:49-07:00

Preschool Prep + Parent Education

The Family Room has designed a program that continues to provide education + community for parents as you begin to prepare your toddler for preschool. Our parenting expert, Gia, leads topic-driven discussions, provides important information and supports you; while your 2-year-old gets the comfort of having you nearby while participating in an enriched and supervised learning experience across the room with our newest educator, Ms. Tasha.

We’ll cover off on important topics like Goal Setting, Emotional Development, Educational Philosophies, Successful Parenting with Partners and more of the topics that are emerging at this age and stage of development, as well as leave time to talk about your experiences, questions and anything else that comes up.

This shared space concept will give your child practice at gently separating from you in preparation for preschool and offer social-emotional and play-based learning activities such as song time, story time, arts & crafts, simple letter and number recognition activities.


Parent Discussion Topics

We will have a planned discussion topic for each week, however, there will always be time for troubleshooting and responding to your needs as they arise.

  1. Goal Setting
  2. Teach – Model – Reinforce Values Model
  3. Emotional Development (Initiative vs. Guilt)
  4. Time for Chores (responsibility to self and family)
  5. Connecting Children to Nature
  6. Screen Realities in the Age of Remote Learning
  7. Education Philosophies
  8. Parenting with Partners
  9. Gratitude Work for children
  10. Review and Hot Topics

The Toddler Experience

Each week, the toddlers will engage in activities that reflect specific themes. Story time, songs, crafts, and toys will all reflect these themes. We will introduce a new theme every two weeks.

Time Activity Themes & Activities
20 minutes Hello Meeting
Song time, music & movement, story time
Community Heroes
– Police/firefighters, doctors/nurses
20 minutes Small-group
Guided Activity Arts/crafts, messy play
– Mixtures, volcanoes
30 minutes Free Play
Manipulatives, gross motor Play
– Beans in bag, coffee filter butterfly
20 minutes Goodbye Meeting
Roses & Thorns, Goodbye song
– String painting, object painting
– Make your own drums, maracas

*STEM: Science, technology, engineering & math

Preschool Prep + Parent Education

There is not currently a class.

Separation Philosophy
We are delighted to be a part of your child’s first exposure to a more structured and enriched learning environment. In a typical school, the child separates from their parents at the door and reunion is at the end of the school day. In our prep format, children will share the same space with their parents, with a minimal barrier (child gate) separating us. Children will be warmly welcomed, given an age-appropriate task to complete upon arrival, and then say “goodbye” to their parent. If they experience or display signs of separation anxiety, Tasha will engage and gently encourage them. However, if they continue to feel distressed they can check in with their parent and re-enter class when they feel ready.

Peaceful Conflict Resolution
Conflict is an important opportunity for children to learn how to be part of a group. As they learn how to navigate personal space, share resources, take turns, and much, much more during their time together, peer conflicts will be a natural occurrence. Tasha will teach and model how to use effective communication, empathy, and respect. Lessons on emotional regulation, handling frustration in a socially appropriate way, and how to be a good friend will be woven throughout our curriculum and interactions.