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Toluca Lake

Toddlers are gaining independence, pushing boundaries, mastering new skills, and growing by leaps and bounds. We are here to support you during this time of different challenges and exciting growth.


a child development expert to answer all your questions

a new topic each week with research-based handouts

support from the same parents you see every week

modeling of how to navigate tricky situations in real time

toddler socialization 

fun circle and song time! 

What happens in class?

open play, plus song time for the toddlers AND a facilitated topic discussion with a toddler parenting expert

The basics

The series are 8-weeks long and each class is 1 hour and 15 minutes. The fee for a series is $384. Session you want to join already started or sold out? Email us for more information.


Classes in Toluca Lake are held in a large room indoors.


exploring new food, tantrums, navigating media with a toddler, listening strategies, toilet training, first friendships, raising a resilient child, sleep transitions, toddler brain, play based learning, language development, teaching gratitude, tips to reduce whining and interrupting, celebrating differences and inclusion, consequences: time in or time out out, playdate tips, power struggles, and MORE!


What if I miss a class?
You will still get the handout and are welcome to ask questions the following week during open discussion. Make-up classes on the weekends are welcome!

What if I am late to class or need to leave early?
Still join! We love seeing you for however long you can make it.

Can both parents attend?
Registration covers one parent.  Occasional guests are welcome at most classes. Prior notice is needed to ensure adequate space. Caregivers can alternate weeks. For weekend classes, there is an option for both parents to attend.

Series Available in Toluca Lake

Toddler & Me

Winter 2023 Series

TOPICS FOR NEW SERIES:  play-based learning, cooperation, celebrating differences and inclusion, parenting guilt and shame, fostering language development, exploring nature and sensory fun

Cost: $384
Series Length:  8 weeks
Educator:  Gia Gambaro Blount

Notes:  No Class February 20, 2023, Presidents’ Day.

Toddler & Me Winter 2023 - Monday Class

Date: 2/6/2023 – 4/3/2023 From: 9:00 am – 10:15 am



10 available
Toddler & Me Winter 2023 - Monday Class, February 6 2023, Monday, 9:00am, Winter 2023 Series, TL$384.00

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what people are saying

“Participating in toddler and me has been so helpful for me as a parent. It has helped me feel so much more competent and has helped lower my parent anxiety tremendously. Thank you for the valuable services you provide!”

“Both my son and I look forward to Toddler & Me class every week!”
“We are sooooooo grateful for Gia’s help and support. Feels life changing already!”