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Parenting young children is hard. Stress from unrealistic expectations, unrelenting pressures and opinions, unhealthy patterns from our own childhood or complicated family relationships, a lack of support networks, and so much more is common among parents today.

A regular mindfulness practice can help. Learn important skills so you can more deeply appreciate moments of fun and joy, remain calm during challenging parenting moments, maintain perspective, and feel less overwhelmed.

Mindful parents create mindful families. These skills will benefit you and ripple out to your family.


strengthened ability to deal with difficult moments without yelling or losing your patience

confidence in your own wisdom (once you are able to quiet down the relentless chatter in your mind!)

guided meditations and ways to bring daily moments of mindfulness into your busy life

instruction on topics such as present parenting, mindful interpersonal communication, self-compassion practices, the science of gratitude and more

tools to reset your nervous system which promotes calm and boosts your immune system

support from a UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center (MARC) Trained Mindfulness Teacher

What happens in class?

Sessions include a guided meditation along with instruction on topics such as present parenting, meditative skills for managing stress and reactivity, techniques to address the unpredictable changes and challenges of parenting so we are more resilient parents, how to use relational mindfulness to improve communication and strengthen relationships with partners, family, and caregivers, how to start a daily practice, etc… all while building community with fellow parents.

The basics

The series is 6-weeks long and each class is 75 minutes long. The fee for the series is $270. The class is led by Madelyne Schermer, Trained Mindfulness Facilitator from the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center.


Is this a parenting class?
This is not a “parenting” class. It’s about becoming a mindful parent yourself, and the benefits ripple out to your family.

Is it ok to join if I have no experience with mindfulness or meditation?
Yes, this class is for everyone from beginners to experienced practitioners!

Can I bring my baby or child?
No, we ask that parents do not bring their little ones to be fully present for class.

Is this class for parents with a specific age of children?
No, we welcome parents with children of all ages.

Mindfulness Group: Series 1

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