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Update On Our Live Virtual Classes

The Family Room’s Before Baby series offers a variety of prenatal classes that give you important information to deliver and bring home your baby with confidence.

Our classes are offered in a series, bundled, and `a la carte, to give you the ability to customize your prenatal education for your needs. From childbirth classes to breastfeeding information and newborn care, these baby classes are designed to empower parents and help you prepare for your bundle of joy.

The Family Room difference: small classes, community, easy to register, comfy space, variety of options, personalized attention

The cost of all Before Baby prenatal classes includes two people. (note: CPR/First Aid is sold individually if not purchasing the Baby Basics Bundle)

Childbirth Prep

From the physiology and stages of labor and delivery, to basic support techniques and more, a childbirth class is an important way to prepare you and your partner for this life-changing event. This class makes sure you understand the basics.

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Out of stock!Childbirth Prep, May 16, TL$155.00
Out of stock!Childbirth Prep, June 13, SM$155.00
5 available
Childbirth Prep, July 11, TL$155.00

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6 available
Childbirth Prep, August 15, SM$155.00

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Childbirth Coping Techniques

Taken as a stand-alone class or as an extension of the childbirth prep class, this class will teach you a variety of techniques to cope with the discomfort of labor and delivery.

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3 available
Childbirth Coping Techniques, May 16, TL$105.00

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4 available
Childbirth Coping Techniques, June 13, SM$105.00

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4 available
Childbirth Coping Techniques, July 11, TL$105.00

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6 available
Childbirth Coping Techniques, August 15, SM$105.00

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Breastfeeding Basics

Breastfeeding is natural, but it is not always easy. Understanding important breastfeeding information, like what to expect and where to turn for help, can put you at ease the first time you attempt to nurse and beyond.

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Out of stock!Breastfeeding Basics, May 8, TL$105.00
4 available
Breastfeeding Basics, June 19, SM$105.00

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2 available
Breastfeeding Basics, July 17, TL$105.00

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3 available
Breastfeeding Basics, August 21, SM$105.00

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Newborn Care

No, they don’t come with instructions. This hands-on class will provide practical advice on how to care for your newborn through the first few weeks of exhaustion, hormones, and profound joy!

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1 available
Newborn Care, May 15, TL$105.00

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2 available
Newborn Care, June 12, SM$105.00

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2 available
Newborn Care, July 10, TL$105.00

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3 available
Newborn Care, August 14, SM$105.00

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Infant/Child/Adult CPR & First Aid

Prepare yourself and caregivers for the unthinkable. Learn life-saving skills in our Infant/Child/Adult CPR and First Aid class. Note: following American Heart Association guidelines.

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Out of stock!CPR/First Aid, May 23, TL$80.00
4 available
CPR/First Aid, June 27, SM$80.00

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4 available
CPR/First Aid, July 18, TL$80.00

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9 available
CPR/First Aid, August 22, SM$80.00

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Update On Our Live Virtual Classes

The Family Room’s Mommy & Me and Parent & Me program is up-to-date with helpful and practical information for today’s parents. We cover newborn and baby development, parenting topics, and more. We always leave lots of time for questions. Our class is also about you – we don’t leave out the parent part of parent & me. Lastly, we always have fun.

Here’s why our Mommy & Me and Parent & Me program is special:

  • The group will become your village. You see the same moms every week. You share, bond, grow, connect and go out for coffee or lunch after class. Sometimes, they even become your life long friends.
  • There is a facilitated topic each week that is relevant to the age of the babies’ birth months to nurture attachment and learning with awesome handouts and lots of time for questions.
  • The groups are led by a accredited professionals with an extensive background in infant and child development.
  • The groups are organized by birth month, with generally a two month span, so all the babies are about the same age.
  • We understand that there are many different approaches, philosophies, and ways to do things when it comes to parenting. We will provide research-based curriculum, but want you to trust your gut.

The Basics:

  • The series are 8-weeks long and each class is 90 minutes.
  • The fee for a series is $360.
  • We have developed lots of great topics, but are flexible to meet the needs of each group.
  • Our interactive classes include songs, open discussion and the topic of the week.
  • Don’t see your birth month? Email us with your birth month and we will be sure to contact you when your class is posted.
  • Session you want to join already started? Yes, you can join late! Email us for more information and we will do our best to get you in.

Update on In-Person Classes: We will be meeting outside in an area where 6ft social distancing can be maintained. Classes will be limited to 6 parents.

Update On Our Live Virtual Classes

We have expanded our Mommy & Me program to include the next phase: a Toddler & Me series!

Led by an experienced early childhood development expert with an extensive background working with parents and children, presented topics reflect the needs of each group and include everything from tantrums to mealtime. In addition to facilitated topics each week, classes also include songs, child-led play, sensory exploration, and story time.

  • Songs and movement
  • Story time and snack
  • Topic discussion
  • Child-led exploratory play/sensory play
  • Clean-up
  • Goodbye song

Preschool Prep & Parent Ed

We are growing with you! Now that you have a two-year-old, The Family Room has designed a program that not only continues to provide education + community for parents, but offers a preschool-like experience for your child. Parents will meet with Gia and engage in topic-driven discussions, while your toddler will do fun activities with Ms. Tasha. While we will share the same space, children will be gently encouraged to separate from their parents as a first practice at “going to school” while parents are still near. Children’s class time is play-based and will include: song time, story time, arts & crafts, simple letter and number recognition activities,  and social-emotional learning.

The many benefits of music in the lives of babies and kids are well-documented. From brain and language development, to social and emotional benefits, music is an important building block. It also has the amazing ability to bring people together and provide joy.

The Music Room, The Family Room’s exclusive music program, is both an engaging and fun way to connect with your child.

Here’s why The Music Room is special:

  • Music education is tailored to your child’s development and age. The program changes and grows with them. We add more complexity in each stage to continue to build and further develop musicality.
  • We’ve partnered with Encore Music and Performing Arts to develop and lead our music program. We have known Rebecca and her team a long time and are thrilled to welcome them into the family.
  • Our space is a welcoming, family-friendly environment designed specifically for babies and young children.

The Basics:

  • The Spring Series is 10 weeks long and cost $240.
  • All classes are 45 minutes long.
  • You can purchase and attend a single trial class for $22, as long as the class you are interested in is not sold out. Please check below.  A class will be noted as sold out if there is no additional availability.
  • See make-up class policy below.

The Classes:

We’ve divided your little ones into the following groups to adapt the program to their developmental needs. Please use as a guide — you know your child best!

Prelude (Non-Crawlers):  This class gives each caregiver a variety of songs, movements, and melodies to communicate through music and play.

Movers & Shakers (about 7-to-14 months):  Bounce, sway, and giggle as we engage the senses, explore instruments, and introduce the gathering drum.

Single Notes (1-year-olds): Kids and caretakers will have fun while learning musical lessons as the little ones discover their musical world!

Rhythm & Twos (2-year-olds): Older toddlers are ready to sing short phrases, put rhythm and pitch together, plus explore movement and dance.

Here Comes Treble (3- and 4-year-olds): Young musicians start to make important musical connections and now they can start to learn piano! Through a variety of musical activities, now including keyboards, students will be prepared for success on a real piano (all while having fun!).

(currently only offered in San Marino)

Children learn about the world around them through their senses, in fact they rely on them. The desire to engage with sensory discovery comes naturally to little ones – that is why babies put everything in their mouths!

Sensory play is any hands-on activity that gives little ones the opportunity to safely discover and explore using a combination of their senses, including touch, smell, taste, movement, balance, sight and hearing. In our messy play/art classes, they will explore and use their senses in a new, meaningful way.

Research has shown that messy play is an important part of early childhood development providing lots of opportunities to develop and learn. Some of the benefits of sensory play include:

  • Stimulates brain development by exposing children to new sensations and experiences
  • Supports language development by giving little ones new ways to talk about their world
  • Fosters positive interactions and social learning through observation of how peers engage with an activity
  • Builds self-confidence and awareness as they interact with materials in a creative and spontaneous way
  • Supports fine motor skills as they manipulate materials in different ways
  • Helps regulate internal discomfort by providing tools for managing frustration and a strategy for calming down
  • Promotes scientific process opportunities through creating, investigating, exploring, and problem solving

The Basics:

  • Led by early childhood educators, a variety of sensory activities will be offered each week for the little ones to enjoy — from different tactile experiences, to messy art projects, and creative discovery.
  • Each class also will include songs and a story, plus tips on how to incorporate sensory play at home.
  • Spring  Series are 4 weeks.  All classes are 45 minutes long.
  • The cost for a 4-week series is $112 (includes a materials fee).

We will explore. We will create. And we will definitely get messy.

Stay tuned for information about in-person series starting soon.

(currently only offered in San Marino)

The physical demands on women’s bodies during pregnancy and postpartum are immense. Whether preparing your body for birth or rebuilding your core after your baby, yoga is a wonderful tool to connect with your strength and alleviate many aches and pains.

Our Prenatal and Parent & Me yoga classes are all about you. Our classes not only offer many physical benefits, like promoting alignment, balance and flexibility, but provide a space for new and expecting moms to share and connect. Taught by a certified prenatal and postpartum yoga instructor in our comfortable space, our weekly class is an important reminder to slow down and focus on yourself.

We welcome both experienced and new yoga practitioners.

October Schedule

Virtual and in-person yoga will be back in Winter 2021!

Classes will be held in the outdoor space in San Marino. Per industry standards, masks will be required while moving around the space, but can be removed once on the mat for class.

Cost for in-person series: $100

Cost for virtual series: $50

Parent & Me Yoga

There is not currently a class.

We are bringing The Family Room to your living room with our parenting group support.

Our groups give parents the tools you need to trouble-shoot parenting challenges and research-based information on how to foster important development. Led by an experienced child development expert and parent educator, you will have the opportunity to problem solve issues, gain peer support, learn and connect.

The best part? You don’t have to leave your couch.

The virtual group will be held using the Zoom app, so no more missing classes because your partner is working late, your little one is not feeling well, or you just don’t have the energy to get out of the house. Note, we will kick-off each series with an in-person class at The Family Room.* Can’t make it? You can call in!

Topics to explore: toddler brain, tantrums, food struggles, promoting independence, discipline, guilt, and more

For parents of toddlers ages 1-to-3-years-old

Interested, but have a little one a different age?
Let us know! We are happy to offer additional groups based on need.

Have a bunch of friends and want to start your own group?
Talk to us about your group. We will need a minimum of 8 people.

Series Duration: 8- week series, 1 hour per class
Cost: $320 for 8 weeks
Educator: Gia Gambaro Blount
When: Thursday evenings from 8 pm to 9 pm
Dates: January 16*, January 30, February 13, February 27, March 12, March 26, April 9, April 23