Moving Day!

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Moving day! I ate a piece of ice cream cake and a bowl of cereal while “trying” to write this post about the last four years as we move spaces today. I am not sure I can capture my feelings in words. I started by trying to find the picture I wanted to use. This lead me down a long path of remembering vulnerable moments, dear faces, and sweet times from the past four years. From my own kids looking like babies themselves, to the amazing mommy & me groups, to all the families we have met, to how much The Family Room has grown since the beginning, it made me heart swell and literally made me cry.

Community is at the heart of our mission and when I opened The Family Room, the front room was set-up like a family room, for moms, dads, babies, kids, and caregivers to connect before or after a class. We sat on the couches, made new friends, cried, learned, and definitely laughed. We quickly outgrew the classroom and ended up in the front “family room.” And we filled it. Every year, we had to remove furniture (anyone else remember that West Elm coffee table?!) to make space for more parents. Instead of being full of furniture, it is full of families. And that my friends, is exactly why we started and why we are moving.

I haven’t forgotten the feelings of excitement and pure nervousness from when I opened the doors here. Four years later, I have similar feelings as we open the doors to the new and bigger location just down the street. This time though, I have all of YOU. And for that, I am eternally grateful. Thank YOU for making The Family Room what it is today. Thank YOU for supporting each other, sharing your experiences, and hearts with us. Because without YOU there is no Family Room. You are what makes The Family Room special, not our address. Although the new space is pretty great, too. 🙂

We can’t wait to see you at 2130 Huntington Drive! Xo, Karen