Parent & Me: Series 4

Topics to include: a series on preschool, finger foods, praise (from Nurture Shock), independent exploration, and more %title% with %educators%held every %days% for %weeks% Date: %start_date% - %end_date% From: %start_time% - %end_time% %woo_cart%    

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Parent & Me: Series 3

Topics to include: language series, baby proofing, screen time, limit setting series, evolving motherhood, and more %title% with %educators%held every %days% for %weeks% Date: %start_date% - %end_date% From: %start_time% - %end_time% %woo_cart%        

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Parent & Me: Series 2

Topics to include: teething, food series, sleep series, attachment, temperament, and more %title% with %educators%held every %days% for %weeks% Date: %start_date% - %end_date% From: %start_time% - %end_time% %woo_cart%              

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Mommy & Me : Series 1

Topics to include: safety, tummy time, sleep, babywearing, cognitive surge, transitions, including back to work, and more %title% with %educators%held every %days% for %weeks% Date: %start_date% - %end_date% From: %start_time% - %end_time% %woo_cart% %waitlist%       [...]

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The Family Room is Moving

Yes, you heard it first! First, don't worry we are not going far, just down the street (still on Huntington Drive in San Marino). The new location has more room, outdoor space, a pretty courtyard to grab coffee and [...]

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Toddler Parenting Workshop Series

Toddler Parenting Workshop Series This one is just for you! Our Toddler Parenting Workshop Series covers a variety of topics to help you gain insight and strategies for navigating toddlerhood. The series is led by a child development [...]

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Going Back to Work

Going Back to Work Going back to work after a baby is yet another change to navigate. Get support with important breastfeeding information and strategies to manage the emotional transition to help you prepare for your new life [...]

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Babywearing Consults

Babywearing Consults Have a carrier, but not sure how to use it? Outgrown your current carrier and need advice on a new one? Meet with Kristina, our babywearing expert, for a one-on-one consult to get all your questions [...]

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Preparing for Twins

Preparing for Twins Don't let people scare you. With some helpful advice, planning, and a sense of humor, it can be double the fun! And do you really need two of everything? View More >

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This is Two

This is Two The twos bring with them a reputation for let's be honest, being terrible, but it doesn't have to be that way! Gaining an understanding of your two-year-old's behavior from a child development expert, with hands-on [...]

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