Why You Shouldn’t Force Your Kids to Hug People

Forcing a child to hug or engage in unwanted physical contact sends a message to children that their body is not their own. Experts emphasize that it is important to teach children the concept of consent and body [...]

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Second Time Mommy & Me

Topics: Safety with two, mom guilt, self-care, sibling adjustment, sleep, feedings/meal time, fostering positive sibling relationships, and more %title% with %educators% %weeks% series held every %days% Date: %start_date% - %end_date% From: %start_time% - %end_time% %woo_cart%

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Parent & Me Weekend

%topics% %title% with %educators% %weeks% series held every %days% Date: %start_date% - %end_date% From: %start_time% - %end_time% %woo_cart%

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Moving Day!

Moving day! I ate a piece of ice cream cake and a bowl of cereal while “trying” to write this post about the last four years as we move spaces today. I am not sure I can capture [...]

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Messy Play/Art: Mixed Age

Messy Play/Art: Mixed Age Approximately 1 to 3 years-old %title% with %educators% held every %days% for %weeks% Date: %start_date% - %end_date% From %start_time% - %end_time% %woo_cart%

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Messy Play: One-Year Olds

Messy Play: One-Year Olds Approximately 12 to 24 months %title% with %educators% held every %days% for %weeks% Date: %start_date% - %end_date% From %start_time% - %end_time% %woo_cart%

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Messy Play: Babies

Messy Play: Babies Approximately 0 to 12 months %title% with %educators% held every %days% for %weeks% Date: %start_date% - %end_date% From %start_time% - %end_time% %woo_cart%

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Parent & Me : Series 6

Topics to include: biting/hitting, self regulation, mealtime struggles, sleep routines, toilet time, new experiences, and more %title% with %educators% held every %days% for %weeks% Date: %start_date% - %end_date% From: %start_time% - %end_time% %woo_cart%

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The Music Room

We've partnered with our friends at local music school, Encore Music and Performing Arts, to develop a program that will adapt with your little one, adding more musical complexity and age appropriate fun, as they grow. We can't wait [...]

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Music Learn more about The Family Room's exclusive music program tailored for different age groups and developmental abilities. View More >

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