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Toddler & Me

Toddlers (12-36 months) We have expanded our Parent & Me program to include the next phase: a Toddler & Me series! Led by an experienced early childhood development expert with an extensive background working with parents and children, [...]

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Parent & Me: Series 4

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Preschool Prep + Parent Education

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Available Series

SERIES DURATION: 8-week series, 1 hour and 15 minutes per class.  COST: $336 for 8 weeks %class_title% with %class_educators% held every %days% for %weeks% Date: %start_date% - %end_date% From: %start_time% - %end_time% %woo_cart% %waitlist%

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Parent & Me: Series 3

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Parent & Me: Series 2

Topics to include: starting solids, sleep series, babyproofing, attachment, speech and language development series, and more %title% with %educators% held every %days% for %weeks% Date: %start_date% - %end_date% From: %start_time% - %end_time% %woo_cart% %waitlist%

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Don’t let our children d(r)own

Our 6-year-old daughter and only child Roxie drowned in a local summer camp only 10 short months ago. Our lives as we knew them vanished along with our daughter’s radiant smile. When The Family Room generously asked us [...]

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2021 Let’s Make Music

Let’s Make Music Outside! We are back outside and ready to make music in our new 8-week music series. Cost for 8-week Series: $192 Classes will be held in the outdoor space at The Family Room's San [...]

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