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Music August

Let’s Make Music We are ready to make music in our new 4-week mixed-age music series. Cost for 4-week Series: $96 Classes will be held in the indoor space at The Family Room's Toluca Lake location. August [...]

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Cesarean Birth 101

Cesarean Birth 101 Cesarean birth is birth! Whether you are having a planned cesarean birth or would like to be prepared in case one is necessary, this class will cover what to expect before, during and after the [...]

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Taking Care of You

Taking Care of You There are lots of resources on how to care for your newborn, but not enough information on how to care for yourself after delivery. This postpartum recovery class is all about you. View More>

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Second Time Parent & Me

Topics: temperament, attachment/mindfulness, sleep plan, including room sharing, intro to solids, including mealtime with two, accessing help, and independent play.  %title% with %educators% held every %days% for %weeks% series Date: %start_date% - %end_date% From: %start_time% - %end_time% %woo_cart% [...]

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Parent & Me : Series 5

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Toddler & Me

Toddlers (12-36 months) We have expanded our Parent & Me program to include the next phase: a Toddler & Me series! Led by an experienced early childhood development expert with an extensive background working with parents and children, [...]

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Parent & Me: Series 4

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Preschool Prep + Parent Education

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Available Series

SERIES DURATION: 8-week series, 1 hour and 15 minutes per class.  COST: $336 for 8 weeks %class_title% with %class_educators% held every %days% for %weeks% Date: %start_date% - %end_date% From: %start_time% - %end_time% %woo_cart% %waitlist%

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Parent & Me: Series 3

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