Moving Day!

Moving day! I ate a piece of ice cream cake and a bowl of cereal while “trying” to write this post about the last four years as we move spaces today. I am not sure I can capture [...]

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Messy Art: Three-Year Olds

Messy Art: Three-Year Olds Approximately 3 to 4 years %title% with %educators% held every %days% for %weeks% Date: %start_date% - %end_date% From %start_time% - %end_time% %woo_cart%

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Messy Art: Two-Year Olds

Messy Art: Two-Year Olds Approximately 24 to 36 months %title% with %educators% held every %days% for %weeks% Date: %start_date% - %end_date% From %start_time% - %end_time% %woo_cart%

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Messy Play: One-Year Olds

Messy Play: One-Year Olds Approximately 12 to 24 months %title% with %educators% held every %days% for %weeks% Date: %start_date% - %end_date% From %start_time% - %end_time% %woo_cart%

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Messy Play: Babies

Messy Play: Babies Approximately 0 to 12 months %title% with %educators% held every %days% for %weeks% Date: %start_date% - %end_date% From %start_time% - %end_time% %woo_cart%

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Parent & Me : Series 6

Topics to include: biting/hitting, self regulation, mealtime struggles, sleep routines, toilet time, new experiences, and more %title% with %educators% held every %days% for %weeks% Date: %start_date% - %end_date% From: %start_time% - %end_time% %woo_cart%

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The Music Room

We've partnered with our friends at local music school, Encore Music and Performing Arts, to develop a program that will adapt with your little one, adding more musical complexity and age appropriate fun, as they grow. We can't wait [...]

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Music Learn more about The Family Room's exclusive music program tailored for different age groups and developmental abilities. View More >

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Duets (a class for siblings) This mixed-age class is for the family with two! The class will nurture your baby’s musical exploration, while engaging your toddler’s musical interest and journey. Come learn interactive songs and musical games that [...]

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Here Comes Treble

Here Comes Treble (3- and 4-year olds) Independent music making here we come! Three and four year-olds are full of expression – independence, opinions, and emotions. Music is a great outlet for feelings and joy. Through echo songs, games [...]

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