Mommy & Me : Series 6

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The Music Room

We've partnered with our friends at local music school, Encore Music and Performing Arts, to develop a program that will adapt with your little one, adding more musical complexity and age appropriate fun, as they grow. We can't wait [...]

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Music Learn more about The Family Room's exclusive music program tailored for different age groups and developmental abilities. View More >

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Duets (a class for siblings) This mixed-age class is for the family with two! The class will nurture your baby’s musical exploration, while engaging yours toddler’s musical interest and journey. Come learn interactive songs and musical games that [...]

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Just Your Forte

Just Your Forte (4-years olds) Independent music making here we come! Through echo songs and games, students will play solos, learn to read basic pitch and rhythm notations, and identify changes in music. They will voice feelings, thoughts, and [...]

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Here Comes Treble

Here Comes Treble (3-years olds) Three-year olds are full of expression – independence, opinions, and emotions. Music is a great outlet for feelings and joy. Through games and familiar activities, your little one will sing short solos, play echoes [...]

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Rhythm and Twos

Rhythm and Twos (2-years olds) The twos bring with them an explosion of social skills and fun! Together we will encourage and explore a variety of instruments, especially designed for little hands. Toddlers are ready to sing short phrases [...]

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The Single Notes

The Single Notes (1-year olds) Your little one is gaining new independence and this class promotes their new physical and pre-language skills. Baby and caretaker will learn songs, classic childhood rhymes, finger plays, movement, and beautiful lullabies. Learn to [...]

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Movers and Shakers

Movers and Shakers (about 7 to 14 months) They are out of your lap and ready to move! Your little one is crawling and toddling, and is excited to experience music in a different way. Bounce, shake, and sway [...]

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Prelude (non-crawlers about 8 weeks to 7 months) Just because your baby isn’t moving yet, it’s not too early to introduce them to a music class. Experience the color and sounds of music as we sing, giggle, and [...]

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